Live In It.

Why You'll Love Our Bikinis

All-day comfort

Our fabric's softer, quick-drying, lightweight, and breathable. We made these bikinis for island girls who wear them all day long.

Island Style

From the bustling beaches of Waikiki to the hidden shores of Kauai's Na Pali Coast, our designs are a reflection of the most beautiful people and places on Earth.


Go ahead, surf. Swim. Snorkel. When you do, you'll learn something fun about Gwendolyn Elizabeth bikinis — they stay on until you're ready to take them off.


We craft our bikinis from sustainable, eco-friendly fabrics and prioritize conservation processes, so you can look as good as our fashion makes you feel.


Our founder, Gwendolyn Carson, moved to NYC at 15 and Oahu at 18. She's danced ballet, walked runways, and lived Aloha. She created this brand for people who believe that anything is possible.

An Amazing Tan

Our minimalist designs feature triangular tops, cheeky bottoms, and thinner fasteners and straps — for fewer tan lines when you wear them and when you don't.