Your Great Dane on a Soap


Send us a few photos of your Great Dane, and we'll send you one of these handmade, specialty soaps created in the likeness of your Great Dane.  We hand paint these with colorful soap, carefully re-creating the markings of your Dane, as shown in your photographs.  These make great keepsakes or gifts for any Dane owner.  All natural and beautifully scented, these ship nestled in raffia, within an attractive box.

These hearty soaps are over 5-ounces.  

Once you place your order, please email up to three photographs to help us view the markings and coloration of your Great Dane, in and around his or her chest, neck, shoulders, head, and face.  Email:

If you forget to send your photos, we will reach out to you.  Your product will ship within 5 to 7 working days of receipt of your photos.

$5 from every purchase will be donated to the Great Dane Rescue partners of

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