Kona Coffee Bath Bomb

Kona Coffee Bath Bomb


Perhaps you've tried bath bombs before, or maybe you're used to paying a little less for them somewhere else. 

If so, there's something you should know... All bath bombs are not created equally.  Ours have three, distinct differences, making them the best bath bombs this side of Molokai.

First, Gwendolyn Elizabeth Waikiki adds aloe to every bath bomb. That results in a wonderfully soothing, after-sun soak. In addition, we've added the invigorating fragrance of Kona Coffee to enhance your mood.

And most importantly, we've packed our bath bombs full of ingredients not found everywhere bath bombs are sold, including essential oils of coconut, abyssinian, almond, and grapeseed — all of which have tremendous skin benefits of their own.

Once you experience the difference of our bath bombs, we think you'll want to try them again and again.

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